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Box builds is a broad category of products that involve a combination of enclosure fabrication, installation of subassemblies and PCBs, and routing of cabling or wire harnesses, resulting in a modular mega-component that serves critical functions within a larger device.


Buse box builds are warranted for the life of the parent apparatus.

Control Boxes

Buse built controllers can be found throughout the economy; from oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, to the animatronics at amusement parks across the country, to the home healthcare industry. Regardless of the application, our engineers design and fabricate control solutions that perform flawlessly in any environment.


Hand Remotes & Keypads

Buse also specializes in external enclosures, such as hand remotes and high performance keypads used in medical and industrial settings. If you have the need to place a PCB in a ruggedized, ergonomic enclosure of any dimension or material, contact us.

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