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More than half of the Buse production floor is devoted to the manufacturing of wire and cable assemblies. This has been our core product line for over 50 years and our expertise with this technology is unsurpassed. Manufacturing capabilities include over-braiding, ultra-sonic welding and wide array of bench-top crimping machines.

Wire Harnesses

A wire harness is an assembly of electrical cables or wires which transmit signals or electrical power. The cables are bound together by straps, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, electrical tape, conduit, overbraiding, or a combination thereof.


Commonly used in automobiles, as well as construction machinery, cable harnesses provide several advantages over loose wires and cables. For example, many aircraft, automobiles and spacecraft contain many masses of wires which would stretch over several kilometers if fully extended. By binding the many wires and cables into a cable harness, the wires and cables can be better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions, and moisture. By constricting the wires into a non-flexing bundle, usage of space is optimized, and the risk of a short is decreased. Since the installer has only one harness to install (as opposed to multiple wires), installation time is decreased and the process can be easily standardized. Binding the wires into a flame-retardant sleeve also lowers the risk of electrical fires.


Buse Industries is the leading manufacturer of wire harnesses in the United States.


Discrete Wires

Discrete wire cable assemblies and components with pitch availability from 0.80 mm to 6.35 mm and wire ranges from 32 AWG to 4/0. Broad selection of bodies, contacts and terminals available with rugged latching, individually shrouded contact systems, standard and high-power versions, polarization and keying. Tooling is available for component and complete assembly production.


Power Cables

Buse keeps a large inventory of power cables and terminals in stock. As a result, we can build just about any power cord our customers need, quickly and in large quantities. From the smallest 38 gauge relay, to 4/0 conductors designed to move massive amounts of energy, Buse has you covered.


Assembly Kits

An assembly kit is a collection of finished cables, labeled, packaged, and ready for installation. Buse builds kits to our customers' specifications, providing them with a full set of cables that can be seamlessly integrated into their manufacturing processes.

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