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What is overmolding?

In cable assembly, overmolding is the process whereby a plastic mold is applied to a segment of cable. Most frequently, a ferrite, splice, or termination.


The overmold substrate starts off in pellet form. These pellets are mixed with additives like colorants, foaming agents, and other fillers. They’re then heated to their melting point and injected into the mold tooling as a liquid.


At Buse Industries, we have two injection molding machines: a 10-ton vertical press and a 35-ton horizontal press. Between the two of them, we offer a full gamut of overmolding services. Our injection substrates include ABS, Polypropylene, PVC, and Nylon. Color choice is just about limitless.


Features & Benefits

Overmolding is a time-tested manufacturing technique that can enhance the quality and durability of any cable assembly. Benefits include:


  • Reinforces critical junctions in cable harnesses

  • Can be used in place of expensive backshells *

  • Provides an ergonomic, soft grip surface for pulling and manipulating cables into place

  • Increased resistance to corrosion and the elements

  • Beefs up smaller terminations

  • Protects ferrites and other cable add-ons


* On a recent job, we reduced the backshell cost by 80% by replacing it with an overmold


To learn more about overmolding or other techniques for enhancing wire harnesses and cables, call us. Or, request a followup and we'll call you.

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