Buse’s 55,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity has been recently reorganized using the TQM/LEAN/ Six Sigma methodology into ten separate, but integrated “cells” running one 8 hour shift per day, five days per week, plus overtime as need.

Each department has a roughly similar structure, with its own Schleuniger 9500 desktop wire cutting and stripping machine, plus benchtop crimping equipment, shrink tube cutting equipment, ESD workstations, testing/measuring devices and at least 20 individual, well-lit work stations for assembly. The departments’ activities are planned using our CETEC ERP automated production scheduling software implemented this year, as well.  There are almost no hand crimping operations left at Buse.

The ambient lighting has been greatly improved, and the floors have been painted to provide more effective working and transit areas to enhance overall plant safety and improve material flow.

The cells are “fed” component material from a centralized material “cage” that is bin located, bar code labeled and managed using the CETEC software on i-pad devices.


  • Cell 1 - Grey Team

    The Grey Team focuses on all assemblies that require the use of solder, including RoHS and non-RoHS solder, regardless of complexity or end-use application.
  • Cell 2 - Red Team

    The Red Team focuses on the more basis assemblies and pinouts, including all our ribbon cable applications because it is the cell into which we introduce temporary employees after they have completed a two hour introductory program in our newly established Training Room.
  • Cell 3 - Yellow Team

    The Yellow Team focuses on the most complex assemblies we do, including those that employ “boards” as templates/fixtures that we also produce in house.
  • Cell 4 - Blue Team

    The Blue Team does all the assemblies, along with their labeling and packing, that are incorporated into “kits” for customers to build specific products. This group also does all of the heavier gauge cable assemblies, including those using up to 500 M C Cable.
  • Cell 5 - Orange Team

    This is our fully automated wire cutting, stripping and terminating department. We have 5 KOMX built machines that can perform these activities for wire ranging from a log as 32 guage up to 4-0 (four-ought). We also do wire marking here using heat transfer and ink jet marking devices for 8 to 24 gauge wire. Over 80% of this department’s output is used in one of the other assembly departments, but we do produce “lead wires” for several of our customers due to the efficiency and cost effectiveness of this fully automated unit.
  • Cell 6 - Green Team

    The Green Team is responsible for producing all of our first articles (FAI’s) within the 5 working day turnaround or “service level agreement” (SLA) we promise in the market. In order to meet our customers’ increasing desire for “domestic, quick turn” production, we commit to providing quotes in 48-72 hours from when we have all the information to do so, one week for FAI or prototyping, and then manufacturing lead times of one to four weeks for full scale production. The green teams’ ability to efficiently and effectively produce the FAI, document it, and train the department that will eventually producing it is critical to our success.
  • Cell 7 - White Team

    The White Team works in our Class 100,000 Clean room assembly area producing over 150,000 units annually of a disposable medical device used in a clinical diagnostic testing environment.
  • Cell 8 - Brown Team

    This newly formed group builds all the electro mechanical assemblies that involve more than just wire and cable harnesses. Right now they are doing assemblies for the consumer and commercial heating industries and military industries.
  • Cell 9 - Purple Team

    This department is not currently staffed and is reserved for future growth.
  • Cell 10 - Black Team

    This cell is currently being “carved out” from Cell 1 to concentrate on all of our datacom and telecom applications using fiber, coax or copper cable to improve our turnaround times in this sector.

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